iPicky is not just a simple frame that carries one of your photos. I am not offering you another alternative material to hang on your walls, I am offering you a system.

IPicky uses a group of magnets that are fixed behind the photo and allow you to attach it and remove it from its frame.

Here’s why you will not lose anymore time and you will have your photos hanged in your home.
Here’s why you will be able to use the same frame and to change your photo in just 7 seconds.
Here’s why this system will allow you to surround yourself with your memories, even if you have little room.

We adapt your pictures to the format that most valorize them, we print them and we deliver them straight to your home.
Every time you have new photos to hang you only have to send them to us and you will receive them already attached on the MDF base with magnets, ready to be easily and quickly changed by you in your frame.

We choose to use Valchromat for the iPicky frames with a thickness of 0,8 mm.
The Valchromat wood is Anthracite Gray in all its whole. It is a panel wood fiber that, thanks to organic colorants mixed with a special resin, gains mechanical abilities, unique for the 3D processing directed to the Interior Design. Valchromat is characterized by its flexural strength; it is completely non-toxic and water-proof.

Images are printed using the HP Indigo digital print system and then attached on MDF panel.

The used magnet is a neodymium alloy. It is the magnetic material available on the market at the moment, the most powerful in the world, that keeps its magnetic strength through time.

The magnet that we use (750 gr) has the magnetic strength to hold a 600 grams object. Our photo panel weight just 95 grams and behind it are fixed 3 magnets.

Shake it how as much as you want, but it will not fall.

We have three different formats.
You can choose them individually or modular, in order to create combinations to valorize your memories and your furniture.
Try to combine them!