[Have you ever heard about the “migrant eye”?]

Looking at a photo did you ever wonder why some hold you there more than others, without really knowing the reason?

It seems like a regular photo, but there’s something hiding in it and you don’t know what. I am assuring you that your eyes saw it and your brain knows it. It’s just you who can’t explain it.

“I was at lunch at my mum’s and she was feeling really proud showing me how she changed some paintings,  and she said “I really love this one but I don’t know why”.

With this first post I’m going to try to give you some useful informations.

I’m going to do the first step using a wonderful picture of the great Koudelka. If you don’t know him you can use this link to find out more about him.

The first thing I’d like you to assimilate with this post is “The power of the migrant eye”.

Does this term seems weird, funny or senseless to you? Yes, maybe it is, you’re right. But in my opinion it fits perfectly with what I am going to explain to you.

Look at this picture:

Do you like it? Maybe. I assure you that if you had it seen contextualized in the whole work about gypsies you would have been fascinated.
I want you to linger on the composition of it because its aesthetic plays a primary role and gives value to the photo.

When you look at this photo the first thing you see is the kid. Right? Do you know why?

Because she is the central element. She is well boxed and all the spaces around her play homage to her as undisputed photo’s subject.

What happens then? You see the kid, you immediately see her sight looking at the old woman. After that your glaze goes up, following the black “column” made by the woman’s figure, up to the old man sitting.
Then again, your eye follows the man’s glaze an it clings to the light beam on the wall, it runs on it because it follows the shadow that draws the man profile.
Your eye keeps going down, it’s falling and it can’t stop because it’s been captured from the object standing at the wall. It is very evident all by itself and with an unbelievable strength it brings you down like a lift to the lower left corner of the picture, but it’s there where your eye lifts to follow the table which leads you up to the kid’s questioning look… where it all began and it will begin all over again.

Do you understand what just happened? Your eye just migrated without your permission.

The strength of the composition of the photo caught your eye and brought it around showing it every element, every corner, every secret, whether you wanted to or not.

Don’t be scared, I know what you’re thinking about.
Do I have to know all of these things before taking a picture?
Does the photographer really thought all those thing before the shoot? I’d never do it.

Don’t you worry! Skip over it because you don’t really have to know it to shoot great photos, but it is true, that just knowing all this will take you one step ahead of everyone else.

Anyways, we are going to learn it together.

If you want, with this blog, I’m going to teach you step by step what a great picture hides, using easy words and examples.

You’ll discover that the same informations can be applied to interior design and will help you catch your friend’s eye when they will come to your home.
You won’t have to act like a flight hostess to show your friends your paintings.
They will be enchanted by your pictures and their impeccable exposition.

Did you like it? Do you think it’s going to interest you?

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Now I am going to reveal you a secret and I will write it on stone every time because it’s important to repeat repeat repeat important things:

“A big photographer ONLY shoot pictures of what impresses him, emotions him, captures him… If you will have in your eyes, in your heart and in your mind all the necessary to move you, then it will be AUTOMATIC that your pictures will be emotional”.




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