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Let’s be honest: how difficult is it to pick photos?

Sometimes it is more impossible than difficult. Space is limited, and walls don’t grow on trees! The space is what it is and you can’t fit everything! Every time you are in a new place that you like you start shooting pictures like crazy and you end up with thousands of photos. Then you go back home and it’s there where you start having troubles: it’s time to pick the photos and you don’t know where to begin, it’s really hard to discard some pictures.

How many times did you go on vacation or visit a place where you felt really good?
Or visited places full of that energy that shake your soul?
But most important, how many times did you take home a box of matches, a glass, a cloth or who knows what else?
Tiny souvenirs, pieces of that place that you’d like to have always with you? Like you wanted to charge those small things with the magic and positivity that you were feeling there.

Well, you should know that all of this really exists.
The magical charge that we take home, sticked to those objects and really is in them.
It may slowly disappear but if we preserve it, it keeps existing.

Now, why not use it?
Why not create the best conditions to let it emanate and surround your place?
How can we do all this?

With the gift of synthesis and knowing how to juxtapose things.

To explain it better I’m going to talk about me and Valeria:
Yesterday we went to eat seafood in a place on the ocean front.
No, I don’t call it restaurant or local because that way you’d be confused and you wouldn’t focalize the image I mean.
They did cook fish, but it would be reductive to call it a restaurant.
We ate grilled fish on the beach, we were sitting between boats and a fishing net acted as roof to protect us from the sun.
Now, in your opinion, would it have been “enough” just talking a picture to bring back home that atmosphere?
Just placing it in my beautiful iPicky and hanging it on the wall?
Maybe under some aspects just a photo or two or three, could have been enough.
But if I wanted to charge that memory with magic?
If I wanted to extend that sensation of amazement that we had when we saw that place?

That’s why I “accidentally” took home a floated that fell from the wall decoration (I swear I didn’t remove it).  I asked the owner if I could take it and he approved with no problems.
I didn’t know how to use it yet but I really wanted to take something with me from that fascinating place.
It had to be in my life, at least for some time, because I still wanted to absorb something out of that experience.

I get home, I download the photos I shoot and, in the mean time

I admired that floater. Then I look at the porch and I see a really ruined wall. I don’t know why but it enchanted me…after a while I understand why I felt compelled from the “beauty” of that wall. It’s because I saw it in “my” restaurant on the beach.
I print the best photo of that day, I hang it close to the “stolen” floater and I put it all together on that wall. All of a sudden,  all the magic of the place materializes itself in those three elements.

Photos and objects together let me live that atmosphere. Done deal!

Sometimes you don’t need to hang thousands of pictures to live again a memory. A good selection of photos surely help you remember your most fulfilling moments, but if we juxtapose them also to an object from that experience your home will look even better. It will also be a fascinating ice breaker to start lovely and fulfilling conversations at the table with your friends and the people you care about.

I will dedicate many articles on how to pick images in order to give you the right tools to be an impeccable photo editor, but for now I only can offer you my help and be your personal photo editor.

If you have a series of photo of one of your trip or vacation and you can’t choose only 3-4 of them you can easily send them to me and I will choose them for you. You will have to do the first choice though, send me max 15 images and I will pick them and work on them and I will explain you why I chose them.

Use the orange button below, don’t have fear.
You won’t have to buy them, you will only receive a free advice from me.

Now I am going to reveal you a secret and I will write it on stone every time because it’s important to repeat repeat repeat important things:

“A big photographer ONLY shoot pictures of what impresses him, emotions him, captures him… If you will have in your eyes, in your heart and in your mind all the necessary to move you, then it will be AUTOMATIC that your pictures will be emotional”.


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