who we are not

We are NOT online printers
We aren’t a company that receives an order, deliver a product and it’s done. Because of that you won’t find a “cart” where you your selected items and then check out, we won’t ask you to pay until you’re satisfied with the product.

We’ll accept your request and after that we’ll stay in contact with you, in order to help and advice you in regards to the most suitable product for you.
We’ll advise you to achive the right balance between your images, we will tell you our idea on how they could be arranged in order to valorize them.

We are NOT framers
If you were looking for traditional framers, colors and squiggles you are in the wrong place.

iPicky is not a framing company, iPicky is the combination of a frame, a picture (yours) and a magnet, that will allow you to switch your pictures whenever you like. Always using the same frame.

who we are

We’ve been professional photographers and video makers for more than 20 years. In 2014 we realised a life long dream with other colleagues and embarked on a photography project, which was, in other words, a world tour. We stopped our regular jobs and we left on board of two cross-country trucks. It all lasted one year.

When we came back we had so much photographic material, that we couldn’t leave all the photos on a hard disk. Many folders ordered by nation, thousands of them. The desire to have them hanging in our home and to look at them every day was overwhelming.
We printed some of them and then we created a minimalist not invasive frame.

Then, one night, from the phrase “It’s a pity that we can’t hang them all”, we came up with the idea of the magnet to easily switch out the picture, keeping the same frame. This is how iPicky was born, from a simple personal need.

iPicky has an Italian heart, from Italy we brought the detail and the love for what we do. iPicky has a South African’s skin because we produce it at Cape Town.

Why we do talk in plural? How many of us are there?

You can see us in the pictures above:
here are the names of the people who will follow you from the beginning until the delivery and on every photographic journey from then on:

Fernando, Cape Town’s Exposure Gallery’s Creative Director for 9 years. He’s been the point of reference for many photographers who exposed in his venue. Starting from today he’ll take care of only you.
He will be happy, under his cap, to assist you 24/7.

Valeria, professional filmmaker, her works have been screened in 67 Video Art International festivals in 12 different countries. She enriches our website with materials and useful informations.

Luciano, professional photographer and photography’s director. He’s been awarded, best photo book in the European Awards (F.E.P.) with his work “13 Coins” and he received 14 international awards for the photo management in 4 short films.
He edits your pictures and will be happy to talk to you when you ask for the free preview.

We’ll make sure to bring back your memories and your emotions surrounding you with positive energies.